About us

Hello Everybody!

We are Natural Empire, a small family run business based in London, UK.

Felix, the founder of Natural Empire, went on a quest to learn everything possible about what it means to eat a healthy diet, have more energy in every situation and losing weight. It's very easy to get to a point when you realize there are many truths out there. As many solutions as there are questions out there. We are all different and don't need anybody who tells us what we should do. We, Natural Empire, want to help you on your own quest to solve the mysteries and questions you might ask yourself about health, lifestyle, fitness and losing weight.

We see this website as a place where we collect our findings and thoughts with you. We are on a journey to become a better "me" and hope that we can also help you to become a better "you". We are not perfect. We are still learning. We are on a journey and we hope you accompany on that journey.

We firmly believe in a natural, healthy and balanced lifestyle. We believe in a diet based on organic whole foods and only using best quality products to feed our body and keep us healthy. It is almost impossible to not stumble on Coconut Oil at some point.

It is almost impossible to not stumble on Coconut Oil at some point. Coconut Oil has been shown to be one of the best oils for cooking, beauty and health uses. Is has been appreciated by chefs, food bloggers, athletes, beauty experts and many more. It simply has too many benefits for your health to ignore it. That's why we started to sell our own Coconut Oil. It is a cold pressed (raw) and organic virgin coconut oil. We get it from Sri Lanka where it is farmed and picked by local farmers. The fresh coconuts are processed without any heat (left raw), allowing the oil to retain its freshness and optimal nutrient density. All the healing and restorative properties are to its full potential, not like most coconut oils on the market. Natural Empire Coconut Oil has no solvents, bleaches or deodorizers.

Feel free to drop us an email or contact us on social media. We are happy to answer all of your questions!